Lee Romao - Popeye the Sailor 1Lee Romao - a modern day Popeye the SailorLee Romao - a modern day Popeye 2.0

Popeye the Sailor 2.0 by Lee Romao

What would Popeye look like in the present? Well according to Vancouver based digital artist Lee Romao, he looks pretty bad-ass!

More of his digital work can be found here

how_to_build_an_igloo 1video tutorial building an iglotutorial iglo buildinghow to build an iglo

How to build an iglo – a video instruction

Ever wanted to build an iglo? It’s ecofriendly, sustainable and pretty comfortable. This film from Douglas Wilkinson made in 1949(!) is not only great to watch, but also provides more detail on how to build an iglo.

You can watch the movie here

Diego-Koi-ultra-realism-pencil 2Diego-Koi-ultra-realism-pencil 3Diego-Koi-hyper-realism-pencil 1

Pencil art by Diego Koi

I don’t believe it. I can’t believe someone can draw like this. Apparently Diego Koi can. Amazing.

Check out his work here

Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 1Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 3Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 2

Miniature garden in a snail shell

Cute, that’s the word to describe this little DIY project by Megan O. Andersen. A little garden in a snail shell!

Check out this ‘small’ craft project here

Ran Ortner - oil painting - 1Ran Ortner - oil painting - 2Ran Ortner - oil painting - 3

Ran Ortner – Oil paintings

I love the all things water, a lake, the sea, the ocean. The sound, the smell, the feel. If I could afford it, it would buy an oil painting by Ran Ortner.

Take a look at his great works here

Vinpez - digital artwork-1Vinpez - digital artwork-2

Digital artwork by Vinpez

I normally don’t show much digital artwork here, but I found these and I think they’re great.

To be honest, his/her other work is less attractive to me, but take a look at it yourself by visiting his/her portfolio here

hyperreal paintings of denis petersonhyperrealism paintings by denis petersonhyper-realism paintings by denis petersonhyperrealism painting by denis peterson

Hyperreal paintings of Denis Peterson

I am into hyper or ultra realism these days. Enter Denis Peterson. All I can say is wow…

More of his excellent work here


Duane Hanson – American Photorealist Sculptor

The work of American Photorealist Sculptor Duane Hanson (1925-1996) consists of ultra-realistic sculptures of people.

You can still buy his work here

Chris Berens artworkChris Berens paintingsChris Berens work

The mystical works by Chris Berens

Dutch painter Chris Berens creates weird, mystical paintings. Being Dutch myself I really like the typical Dutch urban surroundings in some of his new work. Very cool.

Check out his work here

Patrick_Dougherty_3Patrick_Dougherty_2Na Hale 'O Waiawi

Patrick Dougherty installations

Patrick Dougherty builds installations with tree saplings as construction material. Not small thingies, but full size amazing creations.

View more of his work on his website here