Earthbag houses (part 2)

Earthbag houses are great. Very solid, easy to build and cheap. A great solution for green people with small pockets.

Owen Geiger from the Geiger research Institute of Sustainable building has quite a few plans (even free ones!) on this site.

Terunobu Fujimori's treehouseTerunobu Fujimori's teahouseTerunobu Fujimori's tea house

A tree house from Terunobu Fujimori

This is one wacky, strange treehouse slash teahouse. It looks odd and outplaced, but I like it.

More pictures (also from the architect) can be found here

how_to_build_an_igloo 1video tutorial building an iglotutorial iglo buildinghow to build an iglo

How to build an iglo – a video instruction

Ever wanted to build an iglo? It’s ecofriendly, sustainable and pretty comfortable. This film from Douglas Wilkinson made in 1949(!) is not only great to watch, but also provides more detail on how to build an iglo.

You can watch the movie here

Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 1Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 3Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 2

Miniature garden in a snail shell

Cute, that’s the word to describe this little DIY project by Megan O. Andersen. A little garden in a snail shell!

Check out this ‘small’ craft project here

treehousetree housetreehouse wood

Treehouses made by pros

If you are serious in your quest to build or buy a treehouse, you have to check
Incredible treehouses…

View it here

Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star, Stuart Collection, UCSDDo Ho Suh, Fallen Star, Stuart Collection, UCSDDo Ho Suh, Fallen Star, Stuart Collection, UCSDDo Ho Suh, Fallen Star, Stuart Collection, UCSD

“Fallen Star House” by Do Ho Suh

Sculptor Do Ho Suh created this house on the rooftops of a school in San Diegop (US). I especially like the surreal effect the garden has in this urban environment.

More information at here


A house made of antique books

You can’t live in it. It has no purpose what so ever and their reasons for creating it is a bit out there. But hey, it’s a house and it’s made out of old books. So it’s cool anyway.

Read more here


Give new life to old furniture

Pimpin’ old furniture is hip. 99% of the time it’s a new splash of paint with a new knob. Bokja however elevates pimping to art.

See their work and store here

The return of the sand-timer

It’s the holiday season, a good time to spend some quality time with your kids (recommended book Dadcando by Chris Barnardo ). A DIY project is a great way to do it. A sandtimer (hourglass) for instance is an easy and fun thing to make.

Read the tutorial on eHow here


A treehouse restaurant

Eating a fancy diner in a tree. Thanks to the Yellow Treehouse Restaurant created by Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. (PEL) it’s possible. The tree-restaurant has a pod-like structure, it looks a bit like a cocoon or onion in a tree. I think it looks great, especially after dark.

More photos and info here