mobile pizza restaurant in shipping containermobile pizza restaurant truckPizza container truck

Mobile pizzeria in a skip

Another great use of old shipping containers: create a mobile pizzaplace. Why? Because they could. If you ever visit San Francisco, make sure to check it out.

Del Popolo portable pizzaplace

Earthbag houses (part 2)

Earthbag houses are great. Very solid, easy to build and cheap. A great solution for green people with small pockets.

Owen Geiger from the Geiger research Institute of Sustainable building has quite a few plans (even free ones!) on this site.

Underwater sculptures by Jason deCaires TaylorUnderwater sculptures by Jason deCaires TaylorUnderwater sculptures by Jason deCaires TaylorUnderwater sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

Underwater sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor

Astonishing work. I love the photographs of the underwater sculptures. These sculptures will become a part of the oceon in time. Great idea, great sculptures, love it.

Check out more photographs here

how_to_build_an_igloo 1video tutorial building an iglotutorial iglo buildinghow to build an iglo

How to build an iglo – a video instruction

Ever wanted to build an iglo? It’s ecofriendly, sustainable and pretty comfortable. This film from Douglas Wilkinson made in 1949(!) is not only great to watch, but also provides more detail on how to build an iglo.

You can watch the movie here

Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 1Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 3Megan O. Andersen - craft DIY project 2

Miniature garden in a snail shell

Cute, that’s the word to describe this little DIY project by Megan O. Andersen. A little garden in a snail shell!

Check out this ‘small’ craft project here


Give new life to old furniture

Pimpin’ old furniture is hip. 99% of the time it’s a new splash of paint with a new knob. Bokja however elevates pimping to art.

See their work and store here


Create your own mood light

Is a mood light bowl your cup-of-tea? Then HHarry is your man, he created an instructable how to make your own mood light. And I must say, it looks better then the one from Philips

Read it here or see all his instructables here

Sean Sands' house 1999Covered with paper adobepapercrete_2papercrete_3papercrete_1

Papercrete or paper Adobe houses

Papercrete is made from recycled paper (pulp), water, and a small amount of cement (Papercrete) or clay (paper adobe or fidobe). It’s a great ecofriendly product to build with.

More info here and here


Make a pool with a container/dumpster

Most great ideas are simple ideas. If it looks like a pool, it probably can be. Louisa Dawson (London, Uk) had this idea and created this skip-pool. Especially the contrast between the rough outside and the smooth inside with the stainless steel ladder is nice.


Alternative to paint: clay plaster

Clay plaster is a beautiful and mother earth friendly alternative to paint, cement, gypsum based plasters and wallpaper. It creates a healty interiour environment due to the moist-regulating propteries of clay. And best of all, it’s doable for a DIY guy or girl.

More info at American Clay plaster here